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HTR – End of season 3 Update:
The end of season three for HTR and what an awesome season it has been!
The team has done an awesome job of keeping the car on the track when it really counted and the competition was red hot at every race meeting we went to. Its amazing how close everyone is on the track but that’s also what makes it so exciting!
We have raced a full season at Ruapuna Speedway, raced a number of meetings at Ellesmere and Ashburton as well as a trip to Oxford, Blenheim and the last meeting at Kaikoura. I managed to roll the car in Jan this year which was not the most fun part of the season, but the car and myself managed to get back on the track for the next race meeting and keep the points ticking along. A big thanks to the team and Lordship Engineering as well as Kevin Clive for the big repair job that I left for them.
The results for the season were way better than I expected and don’t really tell the story of how close the racing was between the 14 cars that raced this season. There was 6 points between the top 3 cars for the season points championship, there was a run off for the Ashburton Xmas cup, there were 3 points between the top 3 drivers at the Kaikoura northern zone championships.....and the list goes on! It was just so close for every meeting and every race and will only get tougher next year for sure!! For myself and HTR the season worked out great:
• 1st – Ashburton Xmas cup
• 1st – Ruapuna Season Points
• 1st - Canterbury Champs
• 2nd - Northern Zone Champs (Kaikoura)
The Team did a great job! Lordship Engineering and Hanham & Philp Contractors backed me all the way and I am very grateful for the support!
I want to say thanks to all of the HTR team, Brett Cowan, Roger Low, Mum and Dad. I also want to say thanks to the others that have helped out in lots of ways during the2011/2012 season and made it the best I have had so far. The ¼ midget club competitors and parents are a great bunch of people that do a lot to support their kids and help one and other to make sure as many kids get on the track as possible at every race meeting. A special thanks has to go out to Kevin Clive and Ross McCoubrey.... these two guys have put so much effort into making sure the club is a success and has an awesome future as well as give every kid in the class their personal attention to help develop their driving skills....thanks heaps Revy Kevy and Roscoe!
The last race meeting at Kaikoura was a great weekend! As well as the racing being full on, Gandma Jean, Grandad Phil, Un
cle Kevin and uncle Ian were all there to check out the action. The prize giving night was an awesome night, the track officials did a great job and I get to go for a blast in a chopper (see photo) …thanks Nevil and Amber!
Just quietly, I think dad is happy for a bit of a breather from the racing? Not that there is much time to rest for the teams over the next 3 months as there is always work to do on the cars to make sure that they are ready for another season. HTR will be stripping the car down to do a few tweaks but overall there is not a lot to change. I will keep you posted over the next couple of months on progress....hopefully dad wont leave it to the last minute to put it all back together again so I will have to get in the garage a bit more to help out and keep things moving along!

Lastly....thanks for checking out the website. I hope to see you at the track again in the new season!

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Early morning start for HTR at Kaikoura.
Roger Nees shoe horning into the HTR car…Just a few horse power less than he is used to!
Me giving the chopper a pilot a couple of pointers.

HTR April 2012 - Racing Update:
Hi again to everyone that has been following the seasons racing for Hunter Team Racing!
Prize giving is just around the corner (May 5th). Racing in April was limited to a green sheet/practice day at Ellesmere on the 14th April and another race meeting at Ellesmere on Anzac day.
Both race days at Ellesmere were designed to give the spare HTR motor a run to make sure it is working ok since being built up earlier in the season. All the work to get the spare built up was around the top end and seems to be working well.....Thanks Geoff! But we had issues with throttle springs breaking and clutch slip on the 14th that we thought was all sorted for Anzac day but then had more issues with the clutch and a steering mount problem on Anzac day so overall, the April racing has not been that flash which is not the usual for HTR but both days were fun as I got to catch up with the other kids and check out some of the racing from the outside of the track fence.
It was good to see a new competitor out there and to check out Jesse’s new car. Liam was on fire on both days, Bailey and Brad were also burning up the track at pace.
So with not much racing in April, the main race motor getting a birthday and the spare getting a new clutch, the plan is to sit out the racing at Ashburton on the 5th May but hopefully be back at the track to test the good motor before Kaikoura in June.
Will catch up again soon to let you know how things are going. Hope to see you at the track again before the end of the season.

Ruapuna 17th March 2012 (last Ruapuna meet of the Season):
Click to EnlargeOK….so its the last night of racing at the Ruapuna track for the season. It has been a great season at Ruapuna for a lot of reasons. The track conditions for the season have been great. Hunter Team Racing has had some great results and all of us kids racing have been so close for the top spots in every race! The fact that the competition has been so close is what has made the season so exciting! Its not all gone my way at Ruapuna this season….my first roll over was not exactly a lot of fun but the team got the car back on the track for the next race meeting and I was in one piece so all part of the racing fun I suppose!?
Roger, Brett, Dad and myself got to the track early to prep. It’s was a pretty tense night as I know there are only a few points between a number of kids for the top season points championship. I have to pull out the “A” game and the car has to be on the pace if I want to get a good overall result….
There was a full contingent from the Rowland family at the track to cheer me on which is always great to have that support….thanks Guys!
3 races for the night. Myself, Liam and Montana kicked off from near the back for all 3 races. The pace was full on in all 3 races and nobody was backing off. It was the closest racing of the season and a blanket could have covered most of the cars at the finish line. I think I squeezed in a 7th, 5th and a 3rd and had to fight for every spot.
I am not sure how all the points stack up for the season after the last night. I hope that I have done enough but will wait for the club prize giving on 5th May to find out. Will be a fun night no matter what and I will update everyone here after the night.
The Ruapuna season is done but there is still a bit of racing to be had at Ashvagas, Ellesmere and Kaikoura for the next couple of months. Check out the coming events on the home page. Hope to see you at the track!
Thanks to everyone in HTR, Sponsors and all the supporters that have been at Ruapuna this season and thanks to all the race officials behind the scenes at the track for a great track!

Ashburton Racing - Sunday 4th March:
Bummer that the weather was not so flash for racing at Ruapuna on Sat night and both dad and myself did not hold out too much hope for racing at Ashvagas on Sunday but we packed up on Sat night ready to take off of Sun morning. Sunday morning arrived the word was that the track was good even though the weather in Chch was still looking pretty shabby. The conditions changed for the better as we got closer to Ashvagas. Sunshine and a great looking track....Yeeha!
8 quarter midgets had rocked up for the day, Roger made the shorter than usual hop from Timaru to help out. Mum and Craig were at the track as usual and G/ma Julie and G/dad Dave rocked up for another sunny day in Ashvagas. Dad has made a change to the gearing to see if we can get a bit more out of the HTR car....hope it holds together!? The track officials and helpers have done a good job so the track is looking awesome.
Race one – 2nd place – Montana, Liam and myself were running off the back for all three races. Liam managed to pick a few good lines, was hard on the go juice from the flag drop and pulled out a gap that I could not close. It was tough going on all three races with Alissa pushing hard and I think managed a well deserved 3rd place. Sam had his first race in a quarter midget and did an awesome job to stay in touch with the field for first time out!
Race two – 1st place – The gaps fell a bit more my way in race two so gave me a chance to open up a gap on Liam for a change. Man those banked corners at Ashvagas are great! Sam was picking up the pace! Ben was hammer down and Brad was giving it all!
Race three – 2nd place – What another monster race! There is no way Liam was going to let me have a look in for the 1st place and every other car on the track was hammer down looking for a spot at the front. Lots of fun for all!
Good on Ben for getting “driver of the day”! He just keeps getting faster and the competition overall just gets closer! High five to Liam for an awesome race day! and good on you Sam for giving it a go!
Next race is Fri 16th Mar at Ruapuna (to be confirmed).
Followed by Sat 17th Mar (think this is the last night for the season at the home track??!)
Hope to see you there!

Blenheim (Eastern States Speedway) – 18th Feb 2012
What an awesome weekend! It may not have worked out the way anyone would have planned on the racing side but it was a great weekend for the Chch ¼ midget club and all the competitors/families that made the trek to the Eastern States Speedway. There were ¼ midgets in all that made it to race night. Some of them made it up on Friday with the rest rocking up during the day on Saturday. Roscoe, Liam and Sam managed to sleep in the wrong cabin on Friday night with just a horse blanket to keep them warm but that's a story I will have to save for another day. It was a super hot day on race day so there was a lot of fun had in the swimming pool at the camp ground. Its always great to hang out with the other kids and have fun!
Race night was still a warm affair. The guys at Eastern States really had done a great job of getting the track ready! It was an awesome track that was great for the ¼’s!!!

Race 1 - 5th place - I started in grid 3 and ended up crossing the finish line a couple of places back after a start that was not too flash and 4 other kids in front of me that were pushing really hard for the top spots. Everyone was fast and I was going to have to push harder if I was going to do better in the next two races.
Race 2 -3rd place - Grids were reversed in the second race so I was off position 8. A much better start, a bit better luck and I stole a better result than the first race.
Race 3 - Called off ... A real bummer for the race organisers that due to a technical electrical issue, racing had to be stopped just before we went out for the 3rd race. I would have loved another chance at that track and to see if I could grab a place on points for the night. Not to be.
Overall results for the night saw Bailey grab a well deserved 3rd, Jayden continuing good form to take Second and Liam showing everyone how it is done! Good on you guys....you made the best of a great track!
Racing done and back to camp for a BBQ and some more fun. Looking forward to heading back to Blenheim for racing in 2013 already!

Ruapuna 3rd Feb 2012 (1st night of NZ sprintcar champs!)
Friday night....the usual rush to get to the track on time! Mum has sorted out food for the HTR which will go down well since Roger has headed up from Timaru and Brett has made it to the track as well.
Mum and Craig are here to support me and there is a great crowd at the track to catch all the sprintcar action and see the overseas competitors including my favourite Sammy Swindell fight it out on the first night of action for the NZ sprintcar championship....and they would not have been disappointed, the action was hot!!!
Race one – 6th place I think??? – I started in about 9th spot and made up a couple places by the end of the race. Not one of my better races but the competition is also getting tougher so I have to say that the other guys raced a lot better that me so deserved the points they got!
Race 2 – 10th place - I started in grip 12 and did not manage to make up the ground or pick the lines that worked for me. Again the other guys just made it tough to make any progress on them.
Race 3 – 5th place – I think I started in grid 12 again? I did manage to make some good progress in the first couple of laps and moved to 3rd place but that was short lived as both Liam and Bailey just put the pressure on and pulled past me again.
Liam was definitely hitting the groove in all 3 races tonight and was pretty happy overall. Not the best of race nights this season for me but it was still a fun night and I got to meet some of the sprintcar drivers at the end of the night and get some posters and autographs....man those guys are fast!
Blenheim in a couple of weeks. The ¼’s have only raced there once before (last year) and it was a heap of fun plus a great track. Might see you there!?

Ruapuna January 20th and 21st:
Back on the track!!
A big thanks again to Dad, Roger, Lordship Engineering, Kevin Clive and a number of others that have worked on the HTR car to get it ready for the weekend racing. The car is still missing a panel or two and a few patch ups will have to last through to the end of the season but it is in one piece and I am too!
Friday 20th
It was not a full on meeting but it was good to see the 6 shooters and the sprint cars in action. I think dad is happy that he is not stumping up the cash to keep one of those big boys on the track! It was decided early on in the night to not run for points in the ¼ midget class and after race one on the main track, the quarters moved to the solos track inside which was good for a change and allowed HTR to make sure the car was good after a rebuild.....I don’t think dad had too many parts left when it was all back together but I think he was a bit nervous about me and the car? Not a fast night for me in the HTR car but was a lot of fun to try out the middle track, all be it a bit dusty. Thanks for heading up from Timaru Roger.
Saturday 21st (Sprint car Gold cup Night)
It did not start off as a very warm night but got better as the evening went on. A big crowd was on hand to check out the sprintcars and the Rowland Grandparents were there to check out the action. Only two races for the ¼ midgets but better than none!
Race 1 – 1st place – I was keen to put the last race meeting behind me and get back on the pace. The car felt good and the gaps opened up after starting on the 9th grid but I was pushed to the finish line by Jayden and the race could have gone either way. Great to have such a close race.
Race 2 – 2nd place – Kicking off the race from 12th grid. I thought the first race was close but the second was even harder! Jack and Liam had a Bolter from the start, I was sure that I was not going to catch them in the 4 laps we had and Jayden was chasing them hard too. Unfortunately for both Liam and Jack, they had car problems that dropped them out of the race and bought out the orange. That closed us all up again and from the restart to the chequered flag, I was battling with Jayden for the front spot. But he drove a better race than me and took the win. Not a win for me but it was still a lot of fun to have such close racing. See you at Ruapuna on Friday 3rd Feb.

Ruapuna – 2nd Jan 2012:

First racing event of the 2012. HTR has had a couple of weeks off racing and we are all ready to get back on the track!
What a family gathering for HTR as well. Mum and Craig would not miss racing so are there as always. Dad has got me and the car to the track and Roger happens to be in Chch on race day with his HTR uniform at the ready (nothing new there). Cousin Kirsten, Dan the Man, Uncle Kevin, Rowland grandparents and a special visit from my young cousin Lucy all the way from Auckland. I get a lot of support from family and friends and I appreciate them coming along to cheer me on!
11 quarters at the track for the night. Not a warm night which is a bit disappointing for the spectators but there are a few there to see the TQ’s race for the south island champs.

Race 1 – 1st Place – I started from the back and managed to pick a few good lines to move into second place but there was a good size gap to Jack in 1st place. Jack really was flying and I was not closing the gap until a caution light came up with a couple of laps to go which closed us all up again. After the restart I managed to inch past Jack to take 1st place but I was lucky for the restart I have to admit. I think Jack has started 2012 more determined and will be hard to beat in coming meetings!!!

Race 2 – 2nd Place – Another start from the back of the pack and a reasonably good number of opportunities to work through the pack but I was not fast enough to get past Montana who continues to be tough to beat at every meeting! Good race Montana!

Race 3 – DNF – A shocker race for a number of racers, myself included!!! Brad and Tyler had a hard hitting tangle up at prison bend that I had to dodge. It was a nasty smash that left both guys and cars a bit beaten up but I hope they will be back at the track soon! Race restarted and I worked my way through the pack to be sitting just behind Bailey. Bailey and I have had more than a few exciting and close races so far this year and he is a tough cookie to beat! On the last lap at prison bend, I was having yet another go at getting past Bailey when it all turned to custard for both of us. Wheels contacted and we both went over. Bailey rolled a couple of times and I managed 5. My first roll over and it had to be a monster..... man what a ride! I have to admit to being more than a bit shook up but other than a few sore bits I was fine. Bailey was in one piece and looking fine too. The HTR car is looking a bit rough though! (check out a bit of the damage below).

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

Thanks to all those that came up to check on me.
So HTR have a big job to fix the car up but luckily we have 3 weeks until the next race. Tommo from Lordship Engineering has already put some time aside from his holiday to do some work on the car (thank god for great sponsors!) and Kevin C is on the case for the chassis repairs so thanks heaps guys!
Next race is yet to be confirmed but will be either 20th or 21st Jan at Ruapuna. Hope to see you there if we get the car going again.

Canterbury Champs 10th Dec Ruapuna:

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The HTR Quarter midget all race ready for the big night at Ruapuna including new sponsor graphics!

Final Placing’s
Hunter Rowland – 1st place.....yay!!!!
Montana Jamieson – 2nd place
Liam McCoubrey - 3rd place
I really did want to get in the top 3 for the Canterbury champs, The car has been going really well so far this season, the pointers I got from Kevin Clive in the off season have been really good for my driving and a few things have gone my way so I was hoping all of this would continue to work in my favour for the champs night. Sadly it was a cold night so the crowd was not as big as expected. That did not stop the good turnout of competitors in all classes though! Even with the cold weather, Roger is back at the track sorting out the car for me, Brett is there making sure he does it right, Grandma and Granddad Rowland have come out to watch as well as my friend Jamie, his brother Ben and their dad Grant. Mum is there as always along with Craig.
There were 13 quarter midgets on the night. A marble draw for the first grid and we all got a go at the front, middle and rear during the night so it was anyone’s game! I drew grid 6 for race one.
Race one: 3rd place – What a messy race for myself and a number of others but my luck was in as well so I cant complain. I made some good progress in the first lap or two and then after some contact with others, I ended up pointing the wrong way on the track. Restarted from near the back and ended up pointing the wrong way on the track again when I tried to avoid a collision. Restarted again from near the back and worked my way back to 5th place. Some bad luck for Jay with what looked to be some engine problems and a monster roll over by Bailey and I squeaked in a 3rd. Not a ra
ce I want to repeat but still in the hunt and in one piece. Bailey was still in one piece as well but the car had taken a good hiding! Montana took the win and a well deserved one at that!
Race Two: 3rd place – I started from grid 12 but did find enough gaps to join the front runners with a couple of laps to go. The front 3 had a hard pace going on and I was tapped in behind them trying to find a chance to get through! The only chance I got was out of the last corner and down the home straight.....I just got my nose in front of Alex for another 3rd. Montana took a solid second and Liam had a great win considering some handling issues with the car. Well done dude!
Race Three: - 1st place – The Last race and I am in grid 2 at the front. Bailey is back on the track after the monster roll in race 1. Good on Revy Kevy for getting the car going again! I got the lead from the flag drop. An orange caution in about lap two bunched things up again but I did get to stay out front until the chequered flag came out. Montana was back a few spots in the last race which meant that I had enough points to take out the champs overall.
A win for me meant it was a great night! Aside from the win, it was awesome to have so many Quarters out there competing plus it was hard and close racing which added to the excitement. Even at the start of the 3rd race, there were a number of competitors that could have taken a win or a place for the champs so it was exciting and tense from the start of race 1 until the end of race 3!!!
Thanks to HTR for a good car!!!

Ashburton 4th December:
Another stink hot day in Ashvagas. The track officials had to work hard to keep the track wet but did a great job given days of northwest winds and hot conditions. Roger is at the track to make sure dad gets the car right for me! 11 quarter midgets turned up to race for the Christmas Trophy and everyone bought their A game! A marble draw for the first race and managed to get a spot in the front row!
Race 1 – 4th place – A bad start for me and I definitely did not take advantage of the front row starting position. The other guys were also on a very hot pace so there was not much chance of doing better than the 4th place in that race.
Race 2 – 1st place – I started from near the back, got a good start from the flag drop and a clear bit of track ahead. The race was called early due to a roll over , Bailey had a pretty nasty roll right next to me but he was ok.
Race 3 – 1st place – Bailey was back on the track after some quick repairs by his dad and others. A mid field start. The pole line was greasy so I ran high for the race and managed to stay in front just! Tyler managed a very solid 3rd place.
Run Off – 1st place
At the end of racing the points were the same for myself and Liam so there was only one way to determine a winner......a Run Off, just the two of us for 4 laps. I have never had to do one of those before. It was all a bit tense! I did manage a win which I was wrapped about but it really was anyone’s race. It was so close!
A BBQ and prize giving afterwards made for a good finish to a great race day. Thanks to Dad and Roger for the work on the car. Thanks to mum and Craig as well as Grandma Julie and Granddad Dave for coming out to watch.
Canterbury champs at Ruapuna next week!!! Yay!!!

Ellesmere 26th November:
8 quarters at the track. The weather was good and the track looked fine.
Race 1 – 5th place – A good race but a number of others were just faster than me. Need to pick up the pace for the next two races I think! Alex is at a blistering pace and is always tough to beat!
Race 2 – 2nd place- Gridded at the back but did get past a few to take 2nd place. I was not going to get past Alex in that race. He had some real pace on and I was not fast enough.
Race 3 – 1st place – An Indian file start which was a bit different, I was about mid field for the start. It was a very tight race with not many gaps to get through. I actually crossed the line in second place but 1st place was relegated back one place by the officials so that moved me up to 1st. Not the best way to take a win but the officials have last say.

Ruapuna 19th November:
Meeting # 2 at the home track. Another good day and Roger has decided to make the trek from Timaru again.....Good on ya mate! Grandma and Granddad are also at the track to cheer me on.
Race # 1 - A bit of a mix up for all competitors at the start which was more than a bit confusing! Was still a good race though. I got a 5th place. Allissa stormed ahead for a great win with a big gap between her and the rest of the field. Nice work!
Race # 2 – A good start for me. Fought with Bailey the whole way for second place and only just got there. Great race dude! Well done to Montana for winning that one!
Race #3 – Another good start and another monster battle with Bailey for 1st position this time. I did get the win but that race could have gone either way!
Thanks Team! Good job! Ellesmere next week....bring it on!

Click to EnlargeHTR 2011/2012 Season 3 (Bring it on!!!)

Only 2 weeks until racing Dad !!!

Click to EnlargeUpdate Nov 2011:
Its finally here! Season 3 and I am already having a blast!!!

Dad managed to get all the bits back into a shape that resembles what my race car looked like last year plus a few new bits to make things look and handle a bit better, only to strip it back down to chassis again two weeks before my first race meeting at Ashburton....I don’t know what goes on in dads head sometimes but I do know he is just a little bit fussy so there will have been something he was not happy with!!!

So the car was all back together and the motor decided to let a few things loose inside when we started up for the first time so things were looking ugly for race day. Thanks to Jamo for a quick repair to the motor and we made it to race day....Phew!!!

Click to Enlarge[Better give dad a hand to get this car ready!!!]

Stinking hot day in Ashvagas and the track was perfect. A number of ¼’s were there and ready to race. It really was a great day and the new setup of the car plus some great training day tips from Kevin Clive during the off season seemed to have done the trick. Everyone else racing, had also managed to pick up the pace so it was some exciting and close racing. I managed to steal some wins and second places for the day and really started to get the feel of the changes to the car. Good job Team!

Another good day for racing. The caravan demo derby was an absolute hoot but what a mess at the end....bits of caravan everywhere! I managed to get a couple more wins and a second place which was great. The other guys racing did not make it easy thou
gh and it is obvious that the points season at Ruapuna will be a tough battle for all.

Ruapuna – 13th Nov:
Opening night, postponed until Sun due to bad weather on Sat evening. The first points meeting for the season at the home track and I have to admit to my dad that I am a bit nervous. Eleven, ¼ midgets at the track...its great to see some of the other kids again after a few months away from Ruapuna.
Mum and dad are at the track with me. Roger could not stay away from the smell of race fuel and has decided to come up from Timaru and granddad has come to check out how I am doing as well.
Race 1, grid 10 and four laps. This was one of those races that all fell into place and I got a win for the first home track race of the season!
Race 2, grid 9 and four laps. Another great race but there was no way I was going to catch Montana in that one. She was flying! so a second place for me. But still more than happy.
Race 3, Grid 9 and 6 laps. Another good start, a close call on one corner with some other cars but managed to stay out of the way just! I was not good enough to get past Jay though but did managed to grab another second place. Overall a good points start to the season! Good clean racing and some fun with the other kids after racing was done. Cant wait for racing at Ruapuna next week!

Update June 2011:
WClick to Enlargeith the 10/11 season finished and no racing for a few months, it is time to do some work on the race car. Most of the work we are doing over the next few months is maintenance work so that we don't have breakdowns in the next season but we are making a few minor changes to see if we can get the car to handle a bit better. There will be a couple of minor changes to the rear suspension and we will replace the steering box with a steering rack. Geoff Granger is building a spare motor for this season and we are adding a few new body panels .
Hopefully we will be all ready for racing in September so will see you on the track soon!
Check out the photos of how the race car is looking now!......I hope dad knows how it all goes back together!!??
Will see you at the track soon!

HTR 2010/2011
Click to EnlargeThe 2010/2011 season was started with the new race car, the new car was a bit different to the one we had leased the season before so it took a while to get things set up the way I like them, we all learnt lots as we tried new combinations and as always, we got lots of advice from other people in the ¼ midget club.
I did not manage to place in the points for the last season but by the end of the season we did have things running a lot better and the race car felt great.
During the season we did get to race at a number of other tracks, its always great to check out new tracks! We raced at Ashburton, Oxford, Ellesmere, Blenhiem, Kaikoura and Nelson as well as our regular fixtures at Ruapuna.
At the end of the season we got a prize for the best presented car and got the same prize when we raced at Kaikoura. I also got a 3rd overall at Kaikoura which made this my favourite track for the season. The Kaikoura races were also my last for the season so it was great to end the season on a high note! Thanks to all the team for all the help!

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