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Hunter RowlandDemon
Driver - Hunter Rowland

Race number - 8c
Race Name - Demon
Chassis - STR (Red & silver)
Engine - Honda XR 200 (5 speed)
HP - 28 (approx)

Click to EnlargeI am a Rangiora born lad who loves all types of motor sports! Luckily for me, my Mum and Dad are supportive of my passion and managed to get me into a leased 1/4 midget when I was 8 years old. As it turned out, my first season of racing, I did ok and I had a blast. Dad loved it too so we went looking for my own car at the end of the first season. We picked up a great little “STR” chassis from Auckland and I have been racing the same car (with a few minor Mods) since.

Hunter Team Racing could not happen without the “Team”! There are a lot of people that support me in my racing. My dad, Roger Low and myself (above) are always at the track. Brett Cowan is usually there as well and is great on the car setup stuff for the various track conditions. Mum is usually at the track helping as well. And then there is the family and friends that come along to cheer me and the other 1/4 midget kids along. I could not get on the track and race if it was not for the HTR team. I am very thankful for the time that they all put into my car so that I can get in the seat and race.

Click to EnlargeThe other key players in supporting Hunter Team Racing are our sponsors! I have two sponsors that provide HTR with heaps of help. Lordship Engineering (Craig Thomson) has been backing the team since we started back in 2009. They are a great Engineering company and when the “stuff” hits the fan, they are there to help out.
Hanham and Philp Contractors Ltd (JP) are the other sponsor that help make it all happen for HTR. These guys are a construction company that have been around for a long time and have an awesome reputation! There support goes a long way to getting me on the track.
You really should check them out on our sponsors page as they are great guys and damn good at what the do!

Click to EnlargeI also have to mention that Ruapuna Speedway do a great job every season, the officials and volunteers help out every week because they love the sport. They help out all competitors and especially the 1/4 midget kids! Additionally, the 1/4 midget class is an awesome bunch of kids and parents that will go out of their way to help one and other and make sure as many kids are on the track as possible.
So if you want to know more about me, HTR or the 1/4 midgets then just send us an e mail from our link on the home page. We would love to hear from you and it would be great to see you at the track.

Check out our achievements page to see how we have done in the first 3 seasons of racing! None of this could happen without all the support from family, friends and sponsors to back us up! Bring on season 4!!!!

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